Festive Cards

When it comes to designing Christmas cards to send to my clients I try and do something that’s a bit fun as well as being an illustration of the kind of work I do. It’s also a chance to style my own shots (an opportunity and a challenge).

I shoot a lot of images of food and jewellery and accessories so when it came to designing this year’s card I wanted to do something that ideally combined the two. I tried a couple of different ideas based on the traditional British Christmas dinner. Firstly the Christmas pudding :

Christmas pudding
The first set-up

and secondly the much maligned traditional vegetable accompaniment (at least here in the UK) – sprouts.

christmas dinner sprouts
This is the one I went with

A few colleagues who saw them thought this one made more impact (and made them smile) so the sprouts swung it and for better or worse that’s what’s landed on people’s desks this Christmas.  I await feedback……

All images copyright Tony May 2009.