Food packshots for Yorkshire Provender

Yorkshire Provender have expanded their product range to include Incredible! Meal Pots and  Sauces. The six Incredible! Sauces are designed as quick supper solutions for busy families and used with pasta or as toppings on potatoes for example.  Incredible! Meal Pots provide a quick nutritionally balanced lunch for people on the go.

All the Meal Pots and Sauces are made with fresh quality ingredients and the same care and attention as the successful range of soups.

Yorkshire Provender Incredible Pasta Sauces

Two of Yorkshire Provender’s new range of six Incredible! Pasta Sauces. Food packshot photography by Tony May copyright 2013.

After shooting images of their soups in new eco-friendly packaging earlier this year, the nice people at Yorkshire Provender asked me to produce images of the new products, with a tight deadline for a feature and interview in The Grocer magazine to co-incide with the launch of the Meal Pots.

Yorkshire Provender Meal Pot Range. Food packshot photography copyright Tony May 2013.

Yorkshire Provender Meal Pots. Food packshot photography copyright Tony May 2013.

The challenge in shooting the Meal Pots was to keep the food looking colourful and fresh when viewed through the plastic lids, which aren’t perfectly clear and reflect light at the angle chosen for the shot.  Careful post processing and blending a couple of different exposures for each meal pot produced the desired results. Images were shot using a Hasselblad H2 with a Phase One back and and HTS  tilt-shift adapter.

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