Re-branding food packshots for Santa Maria

A commission to produce food packshots for use in Morrison’s supermarkets as part of a re-launch for food brand Santa Maria.

The Discovery brand of Mexican food ingredients has been re-branded Santa Maria and London and Leeds-based creative agency Brave asked me to produce product pack shots for use in 3D vinyl floor media. Those are the graphics that are used flat on the floors in the food aisles where the product packs appear to be standing up on top of a graphic design featuring the brand graphics and logos.

Copyright Tony May 2014
Final composite image of the Santa Maria packs as delivered to the agency after compositing and retouching. Photography and retouching by Tony May. Copyright Tony May 2014.


To achieve the effect, the packs are shot standing up with the camera positioned where the eye sees them from, above and in front. The packshot images are then dropped onto a flat graphic design with no perspective effect. So when the two are put together, printed and stuck on the floor, the graphics appear to lie flat on the floor whilst the product packs appear to be standing up (as much as they are ever going to on a flat two dimensional vinyl print).

In the studio with Creative Head Chris from Brave we ended up shooting the tortilla, salsa and seasoning packs together as required by the brief and then separately. We decided to go with a composite shot for the final image so after putting together the three separate pack shots, retouching them and adding realistic shadows I had a layered photoshop file.  That would allow Chris and his team to drop the pack shots onto the Santa Maria graphics and tweak the relative positions of the packs if they wanted to.

I also provided a second version with the top down perspective exaggerated a bit to increase the effect of the packs standing up out of the floor and that was the version Chris preferred.

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