From idea to packaging

How an image shot as a personal project ended up being adapted and used commercially, in this case on food packaging.

Black olives and pitta bread
Olives and pitta bread

I shot this image in my Leeds studio for my food portfolio. It was spotted by an art director from an agency I hadn’t worked with before who were looking for a photographer to shoot images of a new range of bakery products.  They liked the olives image and wanted to use the same concept with the bread becoming the focal point.

I went in and talked to the creative director and designer but didn’t hear anything for a while.  A couple of months later I got the call to say they were ready to commission the food photography.  I then had the challenge of recreating the shot three times, with no notes of how I lit it. I’m used to studying images to work out how shots have been lit, just not usually my own work. Anyway, with the creative director  art directing, we got a selection of shots of the three products and these were used by the designers on the packets.

Pearts bruschetta packet
The finished bruschetta packet. Image © Tony May.
Pearts pizzatta bread snack packet
The pizzatta. image © Tony May.
Pearts focaccia bread snacks
The focaccia. Image © Tony May.

It’s nice to see an idea turn into something that gets used.  I also ended up shooting individual croutons for the same client but that’s another story…