Jewellery Brochure Project 2008

We recently shot a new brochure for a leading supplier of high-end gemstone jewellery and it’s now in print.

The client wanted to step up a level in the quality of his jewellery photography and we were asked to provide 44 finished pages and given creative control over how both the still life product images and the model images were shot and composited. The shooting and post-production work kept us busy for several weeks and it was very satisfying to provide a complete set of print-ready full-page images which just had to be captioned before going to press.

The 48-page brochure will distributed to over 5,000 UK retail jewellers as well as being re-branded by independent jewellers and made available to the general public.

To find out more contact us and to see more of our jewellery work browse our jewellery photography portfolio.