Jewellery photography in the new normal

Jewellers and retail businesses generally have been extremely challenged by Covid-19. Thankfully all my clients I have been in touch with have got through lockdown, both personally and business-wise, and have returned to a some kind of normal.

Many jewellers were moving more of their business to the online space before the pandemic. That trend has now accelerated with many jewellers and other retailers already acting to increase their online presence and offerings post-lockdown.

Jewellers are making more stock available online both to sell online and to drive customers with real buying intent to their bricks and mortar stores. Some jewellers have reported that the threshold price above which they want to see and buy in-store, has moved upwards, with customers now prepared to buy higher value jewellery online. And some jewellers and designers have also moved bespoke services and consultations online, which also gives them greater geographical reach for their services.

Showing jewellery photography of gold engagement and wedding rings
Web banner image for bespoke jewellery designers. Images are supplied to allow them to be used on alternative backgrounds, retaining realistic shadows and reflections. Copyright Tony May 2020.

Several of my clients are now increasing the volume of products they show online, which means they need quality volume images, and those offering bespoke pieces or overhauling their websites are also commissioning hero shots. As a jewellery photographer I’ve been pleased to be able to help them with a complete range of services from volume e-commerce images which show the value and quality of the product, through hero shots for websites and high impact images for advertising.

For me the new normal isn’t too much different to the old normal. I work in my own dedicated Covid-secure studio and all products have always been unpacked and handled with vinyl gloves to keep them clean so working safely isn’t a problem. And now gloves are sanitised before and after handling each piece and before handling equipment.

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