Jewellery photography wins award

Jewellery photograph by Tony May
Amethyst, onyx and diamond pendant. Copyright Tony May 2010.


A jewellery photograph created for a client at the end of last year has helped me retain the title of Yorkshire Advertising Photographer of the Year in the Annual Awards of the British Institute of Professional Photography.

The image of an amethyst, onyx and black diamond pendant was one of series of jewellery images shot for a full page magazine advertising campaign.

Whilst most jewellery photography is subject to extensive post-production work, the retouching for this particular image was relatively straightforward with the desired lighting effects being achieved in-camera.

The image was captured using Hasselblad and Phase One equipment and all post-production was carried out in-house in Leeds, as usual.

As well as retaining the Yorkshire Advertising Photographer of Year title for the second year (and for the third time in five years) I’m happy to say it’s just won the April Flair Photography competition on