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I was recently commissioned by Morgan Agency to shoot studio and lifestyle images for a new brochure and website for international pearl jewellery specialists Jersey Pearl.

With a studio session and five locations in Leeds to cover it was challenging but a lot of fun. By 7pm on the second day the whole team was tired but all of the shots were in the bag.

Mood boards, model casting and location scouting had been done in the weeks leading up to the shoot. Come the week of the shoot, there was a last minute change to the schedule as we decided to do the studio photography on the first day and push the location day to Day 2. The day in the studio involved model Leela, four changes of hair and clothes and  a selection of Jersey Pearl pieces. Leela was great, giving it 100% the whole day and pulling off the eventual cover shot for the new JP brochure.

The location day started at 8am at the Catwalk offices, where Sam made up models Amy and Jessica before our first set piece in nearby Park Square. A picnic with strawberries and champagne at 9am on a September morning!  Then across town to Holbeck urban village and hairstyles, clothes and jewellery changed to transform Amy and Jessica into  business women and take advantage of Holbeck’s mixture of renovated industrial heritage and trendy creative ambiance.

Those shots in the bag it was into a nearby  bar housed in one of the old brick buildings to use their upstairs lounge and dining area for coffee and lunch shots before the real Friday lunchtime diners arrived. The room had the benefit  of wonderful natural light from the large old windows which meant I could work with reflectors and no flash. And warm brick backgrounds and leather sofas too.

Once we had those shots, the whole crew appreciated sitting down to lunch lunch by Sam from Morgan and amazingly, Amy and Jessica ordered burgers after having eaten the food that was on the table for the shots we had done!

Once clothes, hair and jewellery had been changed and the girls made up again, our  destination after lunch was the Victoria Quarter for our shopping shots. Then to the Malmaison where we actually used three sets – the restaurant, the cocktail bar and then one of the lounges upstairs. With eight people, two cars and a bunch of equipment and lights to lug around and set up in every location, the whole crew was exhausted by the time we finished at 7 o’clock.

Our efforts were rewarded though, as Jersey Pearl loved the shots which were used extensively in the new brochures, on the website, on trade exhibition posters, point of sale showcards and for full page advertising on the cover of one of the jewellery trade magazines.

Thanks to Sam and Dave at Morgan Agency, Mike at Jersey Pearl, models Leela, Amy and Jessica at Catwalk, make-up artist and hair stylist Sam and assistants Catherine and Ania.

See some of the lifestyle images from the shot in my lifestyle and people portfolio and mages from the studio day in my jewellery portfolio.