Valentine’s Day Jewellery

Valentine’s Day, or rather the sales period leading up to it, is a significant part of the calendar for retail jewellers. Jewellery has been a traditional choice for those lovers wishing to make a serious statement.

Pandora Valenties bracelets, beads and charms in silver, gold, murano glass and crystal. Jewellery photography by Tony May.

Love themed Pandora bracelets and beads. Jewellery photography copyright Tony May 2013.

Whilst many types of piece are bought as Valentine’s Day gifts, you might expect diamond jewellery, engagement rings and pieces with heart designs or love themes to be popular.

The  current popularity of bead and bracelet brands like Pandora means that there is a wide choice available  for those looking for jewellery for the woman in their life. With choices ranging from completed bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants  to single beads and love themed charms, there are choices available to suit a wide range of pockets.

Pandora Valentine bracelet, silver and murano glass beads and charms.

Love themed Pandora bracelet. Jewellery photography by Tony May copyright 2013.

Pictured here are  images from a number of love-themed Pandora pieces I photographed recently in my studio for some of the UK Pandora shops.

Pandora Valenties bracelet, beads and charms in silver, murano glass and crystal.

Heart themed Pandora bracelet. Jewellery photography by Tony May copyright 2013.

You can see more of my jewellery photography for retailers, brands, designers, and distributors in my jewellery portfolio.

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